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Relax throughout the recruitment process, with 100% confidence in Hard Hat Recruits.

If you have a serious concern that something may not be consistent with our values or any other issues, please speak up.

Don’t keep it to yourself or ignore it.

Here at Hard Hat Recruits, our employees all have a duty to help maintain our high standards, and doing the right thing may mean reporting wrongdoings.

You don’t have to be right – you just have to believe the information you have is accurate.

All issues raised are treated seriously. We will follow them up conscientiously, discreetly and without bias and wherever possible, we will report back to you.

We want to promote your specific positions actively in our community. If you have interesting, live roles then that’s a major benefit to our community. Our philosophy is simple, “What is good for our candidates is good for our clients”. When we convince you that we can help fill positions on your projects, our community benefits from those opportunities. As we attract and qualify professionals to join and work with us, the ultimate beneficiary is you, our client.