Hard Hat Recruits has close links with the oil, gas and chemical industries, we have provided engineering resourcing solutions for domestic and international operators, EPCs and supporting industry leaders since our inception.

The mining division provides EPC’s, operators and support industry employers with access to a vast community of qualified professionals experienced in the latest mining strategies and technologies.

In recent years, the Mining industry has experienced dramatic growth largely due to the discovery and now, viability of mining large shale deposits and oil sands around the world. This has significantly increased the demand for skilled engineers. New extraction technologies are demanding new types of engineering talent. Hard Hat Recruits resourcing specialists are uniquely qualified to deliver the best talent to our clients and are strategically located in the heart of the world’s oil and gas production hubs, continuously building on our already extensive network of technical professionals.

We can find the right person for your vacancy, whatever their discipline either directly or through a referral.

Some of the most commonly placed mining engineering jobs and technical positions include:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Geologists
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Project Controls
  • Project Management
  • Construction
  • Piping Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Health, Safety & Environmental
  • Structural Engineering
  • Document Control

New Zealand has a long history in mining and has various mineral resources and is smaller than New Zealand’s oil and gas sector, however it remains a significant industry in its own right.

The mining industry is dominated by foreign investors with the exception of the state owned enterprise, Solid Energy. Around two thirds of New Zealand’s coal is produced by Solid Energy, half of which is exported (primarily to Asia).

Major issues facing the mining industry in New Zealand include:

  • resource consent, environmental issues and stakeholder engagement (Government, Iwi, conservation groups)
  • transportation costs – critical to the viability of exports, particularly coal given the location difficulties with the West Coast of the South Island
  • attracting and retaining talent and this is where Hard Hat Recruits can assist you in your business resourcing

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