A CV for New Zealand usually looks very different to standard European, American, South African and other versions. CV is your key marketing tool and you need to prepare it as well as you can. These tips can help you write a Kiwi style CV.

Try to keep your CV short

Your CV may include information about all jobs you have ever done as well as courses and qualifications. However, Kiwi style CVs are usually two to three pages long. It will be enough for employers to know if you can do the job. Remember that truly great resumes are short and succinct.

What to include and exclude in a resume

In New Zealand your CV should include:

  • your contact details
  • an executive summary (explanation of who you are and what you’re looking for)
  • work experience that is relevant to the job you are applying
  • your skills that are relevant to the job
  • your qualifications
  • interests and hobbies (optional)

Remember that it is undesirable to indicate your nationality, religion, marital status, children, political preferences and your current salary details.

Provide examples of your skills

Don’t just list your skillset – make sure that you provide examples of how you’ve used each skill. Think what you did, in what circumstances it was carried out and what happened as a result. A positive outcome is always advisable!

While the skills for your CV will vary according to the role you are applying for, there are also transferable skills – general skills that you can take to any workplace. For example  strong communication skills, ability to solve problems and to be a part of a team, willingness to learn, etc. These skills will always be valued by employers. Don’t forget to include them in your CV and give examples of how you used these skills.

Get it checked

You have done a wonderful CV but don’t be in a rush to send it. Even a small mistake or misspelling can spoil first impressions of you. If English is not your first language, ask a native English speaker to check your CV.

Indicate referee contact details

Most companies in New Zealand ask for two or three referees. New Zealand work experience sometimes can be crucial. If you are having trouble finding a job consider voluntary work as this can help you to get NZ referees.

Keep a simple format

CV format should be easy to read. Don’t experiment with unusual fonts or complex and colourful layouts. White background is the best and use a basic font like Arial or Tahoma.

Cover letter

Your cover letter should explain why you are applying for a job, what experience, skills and qualifications you have that match the job and explain what you can offer the employer.

Good luck with creating a CV and Job hunting!

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