The construction industry plays a key role in creating jobs and boosting economies, we are proud to be part of this recruitment process. Whether our client is a major company looking to expand or has just won a major contract to build new infrastructure, they require experienced professionals across all aspects of the civil engineering and built environment life-cycle. Highly skilled construction recruitment is key in this buoyant market place.

In today’s highly competitive construction sector, employees and their specialist skill-sets are without doubt the most valuable resource in any organisation. Hard Hat Recruits specialise in construction executive search and construction recruitment for a range of roles from – senior professionals for specific, complex construction projects that require candidates with direct infrastructure sector construction experience.

Some of the most commonly placed construction positions in NZ include:

  • Construction Director– Civil Engineering
  • Regional Finance Director – PFI/PPP Contracts
  • Project Manager – Construction Contractor
  • Senior Management Accountant – Special Projects Construction
  • Senior Architectural Designer – Civil Engineering
  • Group Financial Analyst – National Construction Contractor
  • Engineering Manager – Offshore Renewable Developer
  • Project Accountant – Leading Construction Contractor

The construction sector is one of the largest sectors in the NZ economy, employing 171,000 people, which is over 7% of the workforce. It generates around $30 billion of gross revenues annually.

When construction is booming, the impacts flow through to the whole economy, including mining, logging and the manufacture of materials and fittings. It also generates work for a wide range of professional service providers such as engineers, architects, designers and surveyors, ( all of which are skill shortages and job opportunities).

Construction and maintenance of infrastructure and buildings is an important activity in every community in every region. In the average year construction products contribute up to 50 per cent of gross fixed capital formation and the quality of infrastructure – be it transport, telecommunications or electricity networks, water storage and reticulation, schools, hospitals and recreation facilities is critical to productivity and economic growth.

Supply and quality of housing, and the built environment more generally, is central to the welfare of New Zealanders.