Please be aware that due to the fact you are applying from overseas, the application process may be prolonged, and may take a number of months to assess your suitability. Candidates providing full applications which include the information below will be assessed first.


Preference is given to candidates who are well engaged in the immigration process to New Zealand –


Where relocation packages are available this will be stated in the job advertisement. Candidates will need to be prepared to relocate themselves to New Zealand and have a clear understanding of the time and financial implications that this will require.


Different industries will require local registration to be able to practice in New Zealand.

Electrical and Power

EWRB registration

If you are a qualified electrical worker in your country, you will need to have had your qualifications and experience recognised by the Electrical Workers Registration Board in New Zealand, to be able to work in many of the roles within the industry. Our clients in the Utilities sector will only accept applications from candidates who have received a letter of Assessment from the EWRB. Please note that it is clearly stated on the advertised job postings, which roles require EWRB registration.


Full Occupational list


Providing full documentation will ensure an accurate and efficient assessment of your application

  1. C.V (Resume) – Provided C.V in WORD format outlining
    • Companies that you have worked for
    • Duration in each role
    • Duties carried out in each role (Including Job Title)
    • Please keep CV layout and formatting simple
    • C.V template can be downloaded here
  2.  Complete attached documentation
    • Evidence of immigration applications/ assessment/ right to work
    •  Copies of Qualifications, Certifications and industry Registrations
  3. Supporting information
    • We recommend that you include any further information that may support your application. Email outlining your motivation, long term plans, or personal reasons for relocation to New Zealand and what you are seeking in your career.