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It’s an ever-changing environment and companies are making short, medium and long term plans to get through and in some cases just to survive the impact of the ongoing pandemic.

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  • Market Insights from Our Managing Director
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  • Consultant Spotlight – Martin
  • Selection of HOT jobs right now…

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Market Insights

The marketplace is volatile and depending on who you listen to you get a different perspective or story…

We like to use data that is valid and interpretable and has history so our evidence is taken from Seek NZ and our own internal systems.

This month I feature the Energy and Resources sector as this has been impacted significantly.

Throughout the lockdown it became apparent that staffing was one of the largest overheads that needed to be addressed and whilst some companies retained 100% staff at 100% wages, or 100% staff at 80% wages, others were not so fortunate and had to let go of staff throughout this period and continue to do so.

This of course has seen an increase in job seekers who may not have been active in the market for some time and poses challenges to securing jobs.

If you have staff that have been displaced, our Outplacement services team can help you.*

Of course for some essential services companies, the increase in consumer demand meant that recruitment became the number one priority and we have continued to provide highly competent staff across all sectors from electrical, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain and infrastructure providers.

So what are the numbers showing?

The trend for Quarter 1 – April to June 2020 is that there are more candidates than last year – no surprises here. However, there is lower candidate availability in some of the Regions, Taranaki, Hawkes Bay, Wellington and the top of the South Island.

Salary growth is down 1.9% overall – this does not mean people are willing to accept lower paid jobs, it is an indication that there are not so many jobs out there and that pay rises have been put on hold.

Candidate availability is at a 5 year high – please be aware that whilst there are lots of people in the market at present it does not indicate that these are the best people for the job.   We can help you with pre-qualifying your talent or if you are a job seeker, please talk to us about your own career and road map to successful placements*

Salary Spotlight

Distribution of salary is very interesting in the Resources and Energy sector for the 12 months to June 2020 (source SEEK).

Salary % of workforce

Salaries are commensurate with risk, technical skills, knowledge, qualifications, and experience and for those sat in the $120k and above bracket the indications are they are long serving technical personnel who do not hop from job to job.  These people tend to sit tight at the best of times so in a pandemic situation will not want to make a move to a new role – we can help you source this type of person for your business to give you a competitive edge.

This data is prepared by Alison Gill, Managing Director, CMInstD, Hard Hat Recruits – Data Source Seek / Hard Hat Recruits Ltd.

For a confidential chat and or more information about our services please contact Alison on 09 282 3156.

*For Outplacement Services please talk to our Recruitment Manager, Cath Fournier on 09 282 3156.

Refer a client who needs help! And win a game of Golf at a World Class Golf Course, home of Lydia Ko. Please email: info@hardhatrecruits.co.nz

Consultant Catch-up with Martin

How did you end up in recruitment?

Recruitment was not something I had ever thought of doing. Having missed out on the opportunity to run for president of WHO, my best friend invited me and my ex-partner for a meal in a posh restaurant with him and his wife. He owns two engineering companies that work in candidate short markets and his wife was working as a Recruitment Consultant. After chatting for a while, we put two and two together and the decision was made. Two weeks later I found myself sourcing Engineers for his two businesses and he was so thrilled with the quality of the service I provided him, that he recommended me to other businesses in the sector. To cut a long story short, word got around that there was a Recruitment Consultant who knew the industry inside out. Ten years later I had a client base of around 400 clients.

If you are a hiring manager in a business that is finding it increasingly difficult to secure talent to fill business critical roles and want to access our deep talent pools to gain the edge on your competitors, then pick up the phone today and let us know what we can help you with right now?

Let us help you to secure the talent you need to grow your business.
Ph: 09 282 3156

The latest jobs from Hard Hat Recruits

  • Hamilton location
  • Growth and career paths
  • Join an experienced team

Our client has an opening for a Fire Sprinkler Fitter experienced in diagnosing and repairing faults and carrying out minor alteration work on sprinkler systems.

  • Stunning Canterbury location
  • Some travel and working away, as required
  • A fantastic opportunity to join an industry leader

Our client has openings for Line Mechanics experienced in working at heights and carrying out the construction and maintenance of distribution lines.

  • Dunedin location
  • A fantastic opportunity to join an industry leader
  • Close-knit team

Our client is seeking an EWRB registered Cable Jointer to join their team in Dunedin installing cables, terminations and joints.


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