As everyone knows, finding a job in New Zealand may take many attempts and plenty more rejections before finding something suitable. That is why many people turn to a recruitment agency nowadays. Of course, a recruitment agency is not the only way to find a job. But there are many benefits to doing so – let’s take a look.

You look better with a well-known recruitment agency backing you

Reputation can be everything in a working industry. When you reach out to a job through a recruitment agency, you will have that organisation behind you, making your resume look more reputable. This also helps your resume to stand out from others, potentially increasing your chances of securing the job.

Recruitment agencies get paid by the company looking for new staff, so their help will be free for you to use. By supporting you in applying for a job, the recruitment agency is placing trust in you to fulfil what their clients are looking for – a new employee.

It’s like having an advocate on your side, bringing to attention your greatest strengths.

They will have the network connections that you need

A recruitment agency builds up their reputation through network connections. Having found the perfect candidate for a client, the business is likely to use the same recruitment agency again, as it saves them time throughout the whole hiring process. It’s essentially a win-win situation for you, the recruitment agency, and the business looking to hire.

Many companies will hire only exclusively through a recruitment agency as it makes the process hassle-free. By signing up with an agency, you can expand your reach of potential jobs.

Some businesses may also not have the necessary experience to hire – it could be a new manager or just time restraints. Going through an agency ensures that you’re portrayed in the best light possible – your recruiter can give you tips to better your resume and how to conduct yourself in an interview.

A recruitment agency can find you the most relevant jobs

In a world purely focused around looking at job applications, your recruiter will find you only the most relevant jobs based on your skills and experience.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re limited to a small proportion of specialist jobs, but it does ensure you’re not stuck in a job completely irrelevant to your hard-earned degree.

The recruiter will also be up to date with the relevant job market. If you’re looking for a job in a certain location, recruitment agency will have the best insight on jobs in that area. They’ll take into account your experience, strengths and repertoire of knowledge, then find a job to suit your talents.

So, it definitely sounds like you’re not losing anything by finding a recruiter to help your cause. We wish you good luck with your job hunting!

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Source: AIS NZ.